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About Us

We say everyone can dance, only if we possess a pair of right dance shoes that hugs around our feet with stability and flexibility. At Suphini, we believe you should have gorgeous, yet affordable dance shoes that makes you want to dance all night. Suphini is a young and old  Brand .Our factory has been established for about 20 years, and values its craftsmanship that embodies skillful cuts and details as every stitches made by hand. Our products have been sold all over Europe for almost 15 years.

For starter, one of our co-founders proclaims herself as both dance lover. She tries so hard to find the perfect dance shoes in the world. with both reasonable price and exceptional quality. Additionally, instead of sacrificing beauty for comfort, or accepting poor-quality shoes for lower price, sadly, there’s no such perfect combination. That’s how Suphini was born. Suphini will be a brand making only high-quality dance shoes or heels with competitive price in the market place.

Different Way At Suphini, Our unique ways of doing business are: Exceptional Quality. First-rated Craft. Radical Transparency. Why radical transparency? Because we believe our customers have the right to know how much their shoes cost to make. From choosing the finest materials to opening the true cost of each item. This is a new way of doing things, the truth is we want to be with our customers, doing things from their perspectives.

It’s Time Now, after near 2 years of hard-working,we proudly give you the perfect combination of dance shoes, created to be a gorgeous, professional design to guarantee excellent performance yet with very competitive price.Superior materials are used for better quality and the newest technology is applied in dance sportswear.We work as a dedicated team to refine our Latin dance shoes, make them better and fitter. Our team have a dream:let more and more dancers  release their soul and passion and enjoy life and freedom.
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